33 today – another year in the books

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would like lately.  The last few months have been a blur. It seems that everything has been changing in the last year and then the last few months it ramped up even more.  In the last year we (my little family) have experienced some major challenges and been through some changes and battles that we never saw coming.

Both my wife and I have switched jobs in the last year, for me just in the last 3 months.  Today marks 3 months at my new job and I am really enjoying it. I have been learning a completely new area of IT and I have enjoyed the challenges of being stretched in new ways. I miss many of my friends and co-workers that I have spent years getting to know, but this was a change that was in the best interest of my family. I am home every night and have an amazingly regular schedule that allows me to attend soccer practice and swim practice and many of the things I just couldn’t get home for early enough previously.  My wife is teaching at a new school that she loves, her second year starts tomorrow, as well as Ayden’s. They are loving it there and are both growing in new and different ways. Jamie is teaching subjects that she hasn’t taught before and Ayden is amazing me more each day with how he soaks up and retains everything.

However, it hasn’t all been unicorns and rainbows.  I lost two grandparents in the last few months and that has weighted heavily upon us. A big part of why we have never left the town that we are from is out families.  Jamie and I are both extremely close with our families and losing two grandparents so close together was really hard on all of us, especially Ayden.

The other dramatic change has been that in the last year Jamie and I have taken up serious focus on our health. I have lost 50 pounds since this time last year and I have never felt better.  All 3 of us are participating in 3 5K events is just as many months. It is going to be a fun time, which is never something I would have said about exercise previously, but it is fun because we are all doing it together.

Finally, we have spent a lot of time this year with our friends. We have made new friends and had some friendship attrition as people have grown and changed. If anyone knows me well, you know how important my friendships are to me and I take them seriously. If I call someone my friends it doesn’t mean I would call them for dinner, it means I would call them to help bury a body. We have rekindled some old friendships and made some new ones that I hope last a lifetime. My granddad used to say if you can make if your whole life and be able to count yourself as having 5 great friends you were really blessed.  We are beyond blessed and it means a lot to have these people in our lives.  To Jamie and I friends are synonymous  with family and we are blessed to have such a large family.

Anyway that is all for now I hope to be able to get more time to post as I get more into the groove with this new job.




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