As anyone that knows me already knows I am ADHD personified at times. However, that is not what this post is about it is about another form of ADHD (Active Defense Harbinger Distribution) which a Linux distribution that provides honeypot services and a whole lot more.  There is some questionable legality in parts of the whole lot more, so I am just experimenting with the honeypot features. I forwarded a few ports to it on my home firewall so I can watch and see who is scanning me.  This distribution is capable of tracking back to a hackers source, but until more legal precedents are set I will be content just to know who is scanning me.

If you want to download it for yourself you can get it here, but be warned some of things in the package could get you into trouble, take care what you make public to the internet:

It was created by some of the security minded folks that are creating inroads into offensive countermeasures:


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