Al Mafraq Jordan and Adventure eating

So I am back in the middle east this week on a semi-surprise trip, it is the middle of the week so I thought I would update on how things were going. Getting here was an adventure. We took 3 flights to get here so that meant lots of changing planes. We flew to DC first and that was easy and then from there on to London Heathrow. That airport is an absolute maze. We had just enough time to grab a coffee and rush to the next plane. I am glad we did not try to check our baggage because we would have arrived sans pants if were were not carrying our own baggage to that flight, or the next one. From Heathrow we were off to Amman and then a short drive later we were here.

Our trip here has been really productive so far. We have fixed a lot of issues, and solved several provlems for the users. I think everything should be wrapped up nicely by the time we leave at the end of the week. Today we were on the way to lunch and hitting the scan button on the radio in an attempt to find something in English. Low and behold we happened upon a radio station playing something completely unexpected… George Strait. That was amazing right there, then next it was Carrie Underwood and then came some old twangy country that neither of us could identify. It was a great laugh. The station apparently plays country every day from 1 to 2pm. So we may have to take a late lunch tomorrow as we so we can hear some music from home. When we went to dinner they were playing some light rock from the 80’s which made me want to skip dinner… Dinner was another round of what I like to refer to as “adventure eating”.

Adventure eating is where you go into a restaurant in a country where you speak none of the language and just order something off of the menu at semi-random. So far this trip we haven’t struck out. We get them to bring us a menu and we do some pointing and hand gesticulations to indicate portion size and then they bring us something to eat. You never really know what you are going to get. Sometimes it is excellent, and sometimes it is scary and you smile,act polite, and eat a candy bar from the stash in your bag. The food here in Jordan has been amazing. We have had pizza that was great, lots of grilled chicken, fresh veggies, and loads of this wonderful flat bread that I have not been able to find a replacement for in the states. Adventure eating is probably my favorite part of my travels. Each new place presents new and interesting foods to try. It is getting late here so it is time to get some sleep.

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