american idol

where do they get these people for american idol?  we watched the show last night and i am watching it tonight and i just don’t get it.  i mean there are some really talented people on here, but these people that are scary bad?  how do these people make it through life without anyone being honest enough with them to tell them that they are awful?  at any rate it should be a good season and i think there are some strong male singers this year, most of the time there are very few strong male singers and a lot of strong females, more balance should make it more interesting.

it has been a crazy busy week.  i was not expecting the first few weeks of this year to be this busy, but i am not complaining.  it has been great to be busy, i will take busy over sitting around anytime i have the option.  hopefully i will have more time to write later on.  for now i am heading to bed.

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