AOL = Bad

i am having the hardest time with aol.  we have a ton of customers who sporadically can or can’t send to them.  right now a customer of mine can’t send to aol because aol doesn’t like their ip address.  so we set them up to relay through the smtp server of the isp and everything has been just fine for six months.  now they are categorizing the isp’s smtp server as a spammer when it relays for another domain so my customer is sunk again.  so i submit a request for help service provider to service provider from aol’s postmaster site and instead of getting someone why knows what i am talking about i get a regular old aol tech support flunkie that can’t help and can’t get me in touch with anyone that can help.  how do they run their company like this?  it is almost like they want to frustrate you to the point where you will hang up and just live with the fact that they are a terrible company, have substandard support, and they don’t care whether or not they help you as long as they get you off of the phone.  the day aol goes out of business i am throwing a huge party.  i just want my customers to be able to email their users… it is not a lot to ask for.  i do not have to deal with these kinds of problems with any other isp except aol.  it is really frustrating to not be able to help my customers.  i feel helpless because nothing i can do is gonna make it better.

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