April Fool

i am really frustrated today, i feel like an april fool… i had to call microsoft today to help me fix an issue their windows update service broke and it takes forever to get any response from them.  i work on a problem as long as i can before i give up and call support.  only to be made to hold for over an hour to talk to someone in a foreign land that i cannot understand.  after taking all of my information and determining that i have a real valid problem they tell me that a support representative that i also won’t be able to understand will contact me in about 2 hours… so i sit, and i wait, and i miss church, and time with my family waiting on microsoft to call.  so after 2 hours i check my email and see they emailed me and said “we tried to contact you at the following number and you did not answer so we are downgrading the severity of your case… that would have been fine and i would have understood it… if it had been the right number.  i gave them a number and an alternate number and they called neither.  they called some number they made up and i did not answer, what a shocker.  at this point there are not words to express the frustration that i feel mounting.  so right now my case has been re-queued and i am waiting another two hours… or longer until they call me.  i am extremely tired and frustrated, and just want them to call me back and fix what THEIR update broke.  it kills me that i am having problems with a microsoft product was caused by a microsoft update.  it really does not get any worse than that, their updates break their products and they take their sweet time to fix it.  how did they get to be the largest software company in the world treating customers this way?  between what i hear in podcasts and what i read on the internet it looks more and more like they are becoming a lumbering giant doomed to fail, and i must say i look forward to thud when they hit the ground.  it is going to take a catastrophic failure before they turn this sinking ship around.  i will write more if they ever fix the problem… but don’t go around holding your breath waiting.

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