i have been in training for the past few evenings.  it is really a cool product.  currently i work a lot with watchguard and cisco firewalls.  and to be honest i prefer the watchguards mostly for ease of use and setup.  the astaro is much most along the lines of the watchguard when it comes to ease of use, but has some great tools built in that makes me think it could be better.  they have snort packet filtering built in as well as web caching and proxying.  with watchguard you have to use an external pc for your web proxy definitions but the astaro runs all of that on internal storage.  i really like that it integrates directly into ad and novell (who uses that anymore) but it still does.  most of the policy creation is done via drag and drop.  i am downloading the vm tonight so i can test it tomorrow on my vmware workstation.  i am pretty stoked about it and i think it will be awesome when we sell one and i can get into the meat of it.  i am also going to build one for my home network here to get more familiar.  they have a 10 license version that they give away for free… that should cover my pc’s here.  we have pretty close to 10 devices when you count the laptops, wii, and roku.  anyway as i get more in depth with it i will try to post more.

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