bad blogger

i know i know i am a bad blogger.  i have not updated at all over christmas.  it has been really busy around here getting ready for christmas, and then cleaning up the aftermath of the holiday.  today i am trying to start getting back in the groove before work starts back on thursday.  i try to take a week or longer off each year over the holiday and it is always hard to get started backup so i figured i would start a day or two earlier this year.  when i am off from work and on vacation i don’t get online much.  i check my email a few times a day and that is it.  i take a vacation from the computer.  that is the most important part of vacation taking a break from the computer. ayden got some fun presents one of the best being a new camera.  i am going to post some picutres he has taken.  he really likes taking picutures of stuff and showing them to people.




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