best movie for a lazy saturday

since ayden has not been feeling great he and i were going to hang around the house today.  jamie had class for her masters degree so it was just ayden and i.  we watched one of my all time favorite movies… the princess bride.  that is a great movie… with some great actors in it.  it brings back a lot of 80’s nostalgia.  i love the sword fighting and the comedy and the great one liners.  if anyone has not seen this movie you need to login to netflix or run to your local blockbuster and pick it up… anyway on a good note ayden is starting to feel better, he has not had a fever all day.  i think he may be ready to go back to school by monday.  he says that he wants to go back… he missed going to school this week.  now we have got to get some house cleaning done and get ready for company to come over and eat some dinner.

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