blogging for dollars

i added twitter to my blog today i was reading online that it will move you up in the google hierarchy because it automatically generates more entries and google is apparently tracking that data now.  also, i applied for a google adsense account, i want to try it out and see how intrusive it will be.  apparently (i am clueless about this) google will pay me for placing the ads as long as someone clicks on them.  seeing as i get about 5 visitors a week i don’t think i will generate any dollars but it will be a good experience for later as i am sure google adsense is going to be around and someday someone else is going to need/want it i might as well know about it.

i had a very frustrating experience today with microsoft office 2007.  i created a form with drop downs and text boxes for a customer and it was great.  they asked for 3 or 4 minor changes, i went to make them and then noticed they had an older version of office… and the file was not compatible and i will have to start over tomorrow and redo the whole thing in office 2003 so that they can use it… geeze

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