build your own wordpress server

the first thing you need is a server (i use that term loosely with linux, not much power is required), or a vmware install on a server.  i am using the free version of vmware to build this server.  you can just as easily use an old pc laying around.  however, making it on vmware makes it a lot easier to reuse the install later if you need it.

download the ubuntu 8.0.4 server install iso.  when the install started i took mostly the defaults.  when it got to the end it wanted to know what services to start by default. i selected lamp and ssh.  then i went on to create my password and the root password for mysql and let it reboot.  when it came back up i used my newly created credentials to login to the vm and the first thing i always do it create a root password.  i know ubuntu wants to protect you from yourself… but call me old school if i don’t have root i don’t feel like i own the box.

i went to and downloaded the latest .deb package and used winscp to connect to the ip address of the vm and load the .deb into my home folder.  i then used the root account to install webmin like this “dpkg –install webmin.deb” it told me that there were dependancies that were currently not met.  to correct the problem with these dependancies i ran this

command “apt-get install -f” it downloaded the perl libraries that were missing and i was then able to get to webmin at this url “https://ip-address-of-vm:10000” using the root account i liberated at the begining of my install i logged in and went to the mysql config page and entered the my sql username of root and the password that i created during the install, and created a new database called wordpress.

next i opened up winscp again and uploaded contents of the wordpress archive to /var/www once it was there i took wp-config-example.php and renamed it to wp-config.php and edited it from inside of winscp.  in the config file i entered the name of my database and my login credentials and went to to get the randomly
generated key files to secure the wordpress site.  once they were all loaded in there i exited closed winscp and went to the host file on my windows workstation “c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts” and added an entry to the machine i created so that it would work better on my network without using the ip address.  wordpress seems to work better when you can use the hostname during the configs.  it references back to the hostname when it launches new pages and such.  a hostfile will save time until the config is done and the machine is added into dns.

this seems like a lot of text but i let the ubuntu install roll while i was watching tv, and the rest of it was all done in just under an hour.  i would love to see that done on a windows machine.  a fully functioning web server with a php content management server installed and ready to roll.  anyone out there wanting to setup a wordpress should do it.  that hardest part is making time to update it, not the setup. also has free hosting for wordpress blogs if you don’t have your own server to run it on.

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