burke county school board

our local school board seems to be imploding.  i wrote a post a week or so ago about it thinking it had gotten as bad as it could get, i was wrong.  in the past few weeks our local school board has decided to oust our current superintendent by any means possible, including deception, lying, and backstabbing.  i will be the first to say that i don’t always agree with him (the superintendent), or think he is perfect.  he and i have not seen eye to eye on several issues.  however, the manner in which they are going about getting their agenda met is absurd.  david burleson is still a person and needs to be treated as such.  we have several board members who have personal vendettas to settle and have no conscience about how it gets done.  if you do not think a person is doing a good job then go about changing it, but do not sacrifice your dignity to get it done.  i am linking to two articles that were written by our local paper “the news herald” they have a commenting system several people seem to have taken over and gone crazy with.  The people are vicious in their interactions with one another.  with my wife being a teacher in this county i just fear the instability that all of this bickering is causing in our county.  have a look, read the articles and comments, let me know what you think about the craziness going on.

article 1

article 2

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