burke county vote

i just got back from the school board meeting.  there were many more people than i ever expected to see there.  i think that was great.  the members of the board that were trying to sneak and accomplish their agenda during working hours, for most people, without any witnesses were sorely disappointed.  there were at least 200 people at the meeting today.  i got there at 12:20 hoping to be early and get a seat, only to be told it was standing room only in the hall.  i twittered the entire event here. i am also linking to the story from the local paper.


right now the site from the paper is getting slammed you cannot get to the bottom of the comments before another one is posted.  i hope the people responsible for this are ready and prepared to live up to their actions.  the people of this county are going to hold them accountable for their actions regardless of how they try to paint themselves in an innocent light.  i would not want to be in any of their shoes going forward.  all 5 of them (i include david barnard in the 5, a vote to abstain is a vote against) would be best served heading to the nearest uhaul rental location.  public opinion was not upheld by these 5 people and when your public officials behave this way they do not remain officials for long.  the consensus of the assembled group was that they would not be reelected, but once they have accomplished their agenda do they really care if they get back into office?

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