I was about ready to stop blogging last week.  I have not had a non-spam comment in months and I didn’t really know if anyone was reading any of this.  Last week I turned on a wordpress plugin to see how many visits I was getting each day, and apparently on days that I post I am getting some traffic.  I had no idea previously since I wasn’t getting any comments on the page.  Asking my wife if she read my blog was just as discouraging as checking for comments 🙂  She admitted she hadn’t looked at it in forever, so I figured I was down to my cube mates and my techie friends.  Apparently I am getting more readership than I could have even imagined, so much to your possible dismay, I am going to continue to write whenever I can and post it here.

If anyone else out there is blogging endlessly into what you feel is an abyss load some tools to track your stats other than trying to track by comments alone.  If you are running wordpress I would recommend  “Wassup” it has proven to be encouraging and even as a widget interface you can enable to see more info about what is going on in real time.  I have posted some of the real time stats to the right column on my page.  You can see how many people are online and what kinds of browsers they are using.  It really comes in handy to know what you are really getting.  Additional to Wassup I have enabled Google Analytics as well to be able to compare stats.  It is not real time but is useful even if you don’t have wordpress.  It can be setup to work with any kind of site and Google will even generate the code you need for your kind of site and what you are trying to monitor.  Analytics is way overkill for a site like mine, but it is something I wanted to see in action to better understand how it works.

Anyway, hopefully my stats will continue to climb and that will help me to strive to write better content.  But if wouldn’t hurt if I got some comments too that weren’t spam… hint hint

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