dell is sorry

i have had the worst luck this week with dell.  it is a mystery to me how they make such crappy products but remain in business.  first, on tuesday of this week i get a call from a customer to look at a dell printer.  it prints two or three pages and then errors out.  rebooting the printer sometimes fixes it, but that is not a long term fix for a printer expected to print 50 or more pages of invoices a few times a week.  when i get a person at dell he tells me oh it is this crazy sensor… just clean it and if that does not work call me back.  i go through his crazy process and test the printer… and nothing.  so after this i call back in and read the error code to the next dell tech and she tells me that the main board in the printer is failing and there is no replacement, but she can offer me a discount on a new one.  this printer is just a month over two years old and has only had 9000 pages through it.  9000 pages is nothing on a laser printer… a real laser printer.  so now we are trying to find a reasonable replacement for this customer that is not a dell.

now on to case study number two… we have a customer with a dell tape drive that dell has replaced four times.  good grief.  they replace each tape drive with a refurbished tape drive that is broken in a new and different way.  it is insane that they could send out four broken drives in a nine month time frame.  the most recent replacement drive came just over a month ago, and already it is showing signs on failure.  tell me how dell is staying in business making crap equipment like this?  i just don’t understand.  it is quite comical, we do not sell any dell equipment but i am much more familiar with their tech support than any other vendor i talk to.  at any rate i have to see if reapplying the firmware fixes the issue with the tape drive today.

dude… stay away from the dell

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