eating for a good cause

I know all of the people that are local to Burke County have already heard about this but I wanted to try and get this out to a wider audience.  My cousin’s little boy Dalton has a severe medical condition called Cricopharyngeal Achalasia – the definition is linked, but the short explanation is that he cannot swallow on this on.  He has to be fed through a feeding tube and the surgery needed to correct this condition in children can only be performed at hospital in Wisconsin.  They are currently holding fundraisers all over our county to raise money to help pay medical bills.  The next one is tomorrow night at the Collett Street Rec Center in Morganton.  The details can be found here in this article from our local paper.  If anyone can come out and support the family they would greatly appreciate it.  Over the weekend they collected a portion of the proceeds from our local Chik-Fil-A.  We went there for two meals during the weekend event and it was packed both times.  It really makes me proud of my community and it’s citizens that we can rally around good people and lift them up.  If anyone happens to be around Morganton over the weekend please come out and support the McKinney’s, or you can send donations directly to our local sheriffs department located at 150 Government Drive, Morganton Nc 28655.

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