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Again the  debacle with our local school board has made me mad enough to write posts that are not tech related.  I have not had time to post anything lately, which is good it means I am busy doing real work.  However, I wanted to get this out to as many people as possible so I am posting it here and linking to it from facebook, twitter, etc..  I encourage all of the locals to also send messages to our local representatives, Jim Jacumin – and Hugh Blackwell – to see what their stance is on this issue.  Both of them have seemed strangely quiet considering this has been news all over the state and I have heard about it from friend watching it on the news in Raleigh on WRAL.  I have linked each of their names to their respective contact pages on their state maintained profiles.  There is no leeway to claim ignorance on this issue.  I  want to get  something that shows they are listening to the people, or they are no different from the School Board.  The contents  of my email will be posted below and anything I receive in return will also be posted exactly as it arrives to be as fair as possible.

email sent to Mr. Jacumin – (I did not notice my grammar mistakes until after sending, this is pasted just as sent)

Mr. Jacumin,

I have read a lot of comments on the News Herald website concerning
you that distress me immensely.  There are many people purporting you
as the mastermind behind the ousting of the school system
superintendent David Burleson.  It would interest me to know where you
stand on this matter as supposed supporter of this agenda, and if you
were in favor of the boards decision to remove Mr. Burleson from his
position despite this being contrary to public opinion.  As an elected
official I am sure you are intrinsically aware of the importance of
public opinion and it’s role in shaping public policy.  I am just
trying to do my research as I am forming opinions and making educated
judgments about where my political alliances lie.  If you were indeed
in support of these board members, and their agenda to remove Mr.
Burleson I would like to know.  I cannot in good faith ever refer to
myself as a Republican or count myself as a supporter of the party on
a local level if the Republican party had anything to do with ruining
the reputation of a good man in the name of political gain.  It is
understood that you are busy but I do expect a real response to this
email, not a canned answer.  I have put in my time to create this
personal correspondence to you, my elected official and I expect it to
be answered truthfully.

There will also be a copy of this email placed on my website and
linked from several local websites.  I want to make sure my question,
and your response is clearly heard and articulated to the people of
Burke County.  I felt I needed to send this due to the fact I had not
heard any public response from your office in support, or denial of
the accusations that you were involved in this gross misuse of our
local government.


Lin Ward

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