friday… and other craziness

i am so glad that it is friday… but i don’t know why?  i have to work tomorrow so really tomorrow is friday and this is just another thursday.  maybe it is so ingrained into us to be excited about friday that is doesn’t even matter if we have to work saturday we still get all juiced about friday rolling around again.  or maybe i just over think everything… that is a slim possibility as well… i have seen me do it.  another thing that has gotten me thinking a lot today is that my friend lisa’s house got shot into… again.  that is two times this week.  it is not like she lives in the ghetto it is a nice neighborhood in downtown morganton.  i would really like to know what wack job thinks it is funny to shoot into a house with two women and a little girl inside.  that takes a special kind of cowardice to pull off.  if you are such a pansy that you cannot confront someone with your problems and talk about them like big people do, you need to seek professional help.  don’t get me wrong i am not anti-gun by a long shot.  i think everyone should have a few, but they should be respected and used properly.  guns are not toys and should not be used to intimidate defenseless women and children.  if you have a war to fight or an animal to kill and eat then get to it… but if you got problems with another person there are a whole lot better ways to handle it than by shooting into their house under the cover of night… as i said… coward… anyway i will climb off of my soap box for the moment and finish getting ready to go.

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