spent half of yesterday in the car and half working.  the half spent working felt much more productive.  sometimes i feel like i am a professional drive that occasionally works.  i was working for a customer going over their recent vmware install.  i have been really pleased with this newest version.  the customer is happy, i am happy, and the system is running very well.  we had a good visit and then rob and i made the long drive home.  today i am working in lenoir and then asheville and then driving to charlotte for a concert… another day in the car… but it has to be done.  i am excited about the concert tonight.  we are going to see colbie caillat at the kissmas show put on by 95.1  it should be a good show i know the boss lady is excited about going… and you know the rules.  if mama is happy… everyone is happy.  i am excited that today is the last day of work until 09.  i have a meeting to go to on monday but that is it and then i get a few days off.  i have really been feeling run down.  i do not know if it is the anticipation of being off or that i am really just that tired.  either way, just a few hours to go today with a little driving thrown in and the christmas festivities can begin!

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