Honduras thus far

Honduras…. this is the 6th country I have visited so far this year if you count spending 2 days in the Brussels’ airport. I had a 5 hour or more layover there on 2 separate occasions. Outside of quality time spend in airports I have been to 5 countries, each for 2 weeks, since changing jobs in March. That was 5 more countries than I had spent more than a day during the previous 29 years. On our honeymoon we went on a cruise but you were only in most places for 8 hours or less. Typically I am in each place I visit for 2 weeks at a time. That is plenty of time to get a good feel for where you are and the people that you are there to help. It has been a really wild ride and at times quite surreal.

Every day that I get up and find myself in one of these strange places like I did this morning I think that this is not really my life. If feels like this is just temporary, but then it settles in that this is really my life and my job. I really do get to travel to some strange palaces and do work that I enjoy. Often I think of what great things I want to write in my blog about what is going on in my life and what I am thinking about, but these wonderful ideas always hit at the most inopportune times. Typically I have a great idea while standing in the shower or during a meeting when I need to pay more attention. I rarely, if ever, have these ideas while sitting in front of, or near a keyboard. Once I get back near a keyboard poof the moment has passed and I have no idea what I was thinking of putting down into blog form later. Earlier today I decided I was going to get some of this down before I went to bed so right now I am struggling to stay awake and get this into notepad so I can edit and spell check tomorrow. Through trial and error during high school and college I found I did my best writing in plain old notepad. With spell check and grammar check getting in the way I always got more distracted looking at the red squiggly lines in ms word and forgot what I was supposed to be writing about. With notepad it is just plain old text, and when I get done I paste it into word and it pretties up the capitalization and underlines the plethora of misspelled words. Anyway I am getting off track, which is a surprise to no one.

One of my friends has been really pushing me to start writing at least a few lines each day while I am out in hopes that someday it might be something that Ayden, my 5 year old, might want to read. I am still not so optimistic that anyone is going to want to read any of this, much less a 5 year old who would rather watch things blow up on Mythbusters than about anything else. At any rate, I am going to try and make a better effort if only for my benefit.

Anyway, today was good. It is my second full day here, and the first time I saw even a glimmer of sunlight. We (John and I) were supposed to arrive late Tuesday night, but our plane got delayed en-route to Miami which caused us to miss our connecting flight down to Honduras. our airline who was oh so unhelpful made us stand in line for 2 hours until while they rerouted all of us that had missed our flights and then refused to give us a hotel room voucher so we had to settle for coupon since it was an “act of God” that we got stranded. It seems nobody wants to talk about God in America anymore unless they are blaming him for something that they don’t want to deal with. You see it everywhere from airlines to insurance companies. You are fully covered under this condition or that scenario unless God decides to step in and then well we wash our hands of you. However, if anything good happens to you such as freak happenstance such as the airline gets ahead of schedule and your flight is early. There is no mention of God or his possible divine assistance. It is all written off to superior planning, skill, and a good work ethic or what have you. From corporate America’s viewpoint God is the whipping boy to blame problems on and blame for misfortunes. By the way, where was I… oh yeah back to Honduras.

Honduras is good so far. The food has been excellent and everyone in our office has been wonderful to us. We are spoiled in that respect. everywhere we go the staff welcome us warmly and seem to enjoy shuttling us around and translating for us seeing as no one on our team that travels for IT speak a foreign language. It is so hard to practice your linguistic skills where we live. Plus, with going to many different countries each year you are constantly exposed to a plethora of different languages and dialects. By the time you get a little bit of Spanish, or Arabic, or Kurdish down it is time to go to the next continent and all you have learned is out the window. Tonight for supper we ate at a Peruvian restaurant and it was marvelous. It was a very interesting flavor combination with beef, shrimp, and veggies all in a creamy gravy-like stew with rice to throw in there and soak up the flavor of the gravy/stew mixture. It was pretty amazing. John had a shrimp and potato dish that had a yellow cream sauce on it that was also excellent. We both really enjoyed it.

Unfortunately John is going back tomorrow and I will be alone the next 10 days, but I am sure I can find some culinary adventures to get into. That is one of my favorite things about this job. There are so many different kinds of foods to try that you just can’t get in America. I really enjoy all the variety that I get to experience and I do my best to appreciate it and soak it all in. it is not lost upon me how blessed I am to get to travel, do work that I enjoy, and thank God in the good times for his provision, rather than relegate him to the duties of the whipping boy. For now I think I have rambled on enough. It is time to get some rest and prepare for tomorrow. It may be Saturday where you live but for me it is just another day. I have a limited number of days here, and have to get as much done in the time allotted as possible.

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