I am a trained monkey, but a well trained one

Today was uneventful and I am excited about that. Yesterday we battled a lot of technical problems with cabling and wireless APs wanting to fight with each other. Thankfully today other than taking John to the airport it was pretty uneventful. This is the part of the trip where you wish you had a trained monkey. Lots of backing up data, re-imaging machines, and putting the data back. It is repetitive and time consuming, but it has to get done, and done correctly. I got a good chunk of them done today and will work tomorrow after church to get as much done over the weekend as possible. Then the real fun begins next week. Teaching a large group of people how to use a new version of Windows while overcoming a language barrier. Fun stuff, along with the myriad of issues that will pop up from going up 2 revisions of the Windows operating system. This program won’t run, and that program needs more rights – lots of registry changes and tweaking Windows to do what the users here need it to do. That is the exciting part that I enjoy most, getting it all working smoothly and better than it was before I got here. I loved watching the A-Team as a kid especially when Hannibal uttered my favorite catch phrase from the 80’s “I love it when a plan comes together”.

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