for those of you out there that have never been to an ikea… you need to go.  it was really cool.  jamie, ayden, and i went yesterday and had a fun time shopping.  yes, you read that correctly we had a fun time shopping.  we ate lunch in their cafeteria which has surprisingly good (and cheap) food.  then ayden wanted to go and play so we took him to the play area for a little while and he played and we walked around and found a few things.  we went back and got him and let him test out all of the kid beds and pick out some cups and plates for himself that were “his size” as he referred to them.  we also got some new laptop tables for the living room and a new bookshelf and a few other odds and ends.  at the end of your trip you go into this huge warehouse and pick up the stuff you wanted.  i love how they have all of the stuff setup and you can try all of it out and play with it before you buy it.  anyway i have got to get some rest… bust week ahead.

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