In a years time

This week marks a year that I have been back at Samaritan’s Purse.  So much has changed in a year’s time both professionally and personally.  I started here at SP for the second time last March and got started right away traveling all over the world.  Then early this year I got the opportunity to try something completely different being the Security Administrator.  So far that is going well.  Lots to learn, and a whole new mindset to embrace.   It is like looking at every good idea you see and trying to take it apart looking for anything that might be the slightest bit flawed.  There are so many different angles to look at with each new problem.  A prime example would be Android phones.  They are really cool, and a huge security risk.  I would love to have one and at the same time there is no way I would risk carrying my data around on one of them.  Just this week Google has pulled over 50 apps from their marketplace due to the face there was embedded spyware or malware in the apps.  That is scary to imagine, downloading an app onto your phone opening it and never realizing it was streaming your contact info, text messages, and any other data on your phone back to “home base”.  It is quite frightening and something that to me, is not worth the risk for the cool factor.  Apple catches a lot of grief for its policies regarding apps the people can load into the app store, but at the same time they have not faced this issue from the mainstream store users.  A jailbroken phone is susceptible to this kind of attack but a regular user is not going to experience this.  I think in time Google will strengthen the marketplace and the apps will be safer, but I plan on just riding the fence until then.  At any rate, that is just a small look into what is going on in my head at work.

At home things are great.  My little guy is growing like a week and seems to find new ways to amaze me every day.  Last night while waiting on our dinner he asked to play angry birds, which is our families favorite iphone game.  My wife just upgraded to the iphone 4 on vzw over the weekend so most of the levels are unbeaten.  She gave him the phone and in the time it took for our food to arrive he had cleared out almost the whole 2nd level and scored 3 stars on every level along the way.  A feat which I have been trying to go back in and do but not yet accomplished.  He just looks at the screen and knows where to fling the birds to get everything to fall his way.  His little brain just amazes me.  A year ago he would not have been capable of that.  In just that short period of time he has really discovered video games in an amazing and sometimes troubling way.  As a parent you don’t want him playing them non-stop, but as a nerd it makes me proud how he picks up anything electronic with such ease.  We changed TV providers and within a week he had the channel numbers memorized for all for all of the ones important to him…. the discoveries, science, and cartoon channels.  Anyway between his sports and our volleyball team there just aren’t enough hours in the day which makes me a slack blogger.  Live has been to busy to take the time to write about it and I am pretty sure that is a good thing.

I am glad it is Friday and the weekend is just a few short hours away.



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