Is anybody out there?

I am a horrible blogger.  It is easy to find time to post to twitter or facebook but it takes a lot more time to figure out what to post up here, and then find the time to do it once you know what you want to type.  Recently I have been doing a lot of studying and learning about the rapidly changing field of computer security.  I went to a course put on by SANS which was great.  We went over material about how attackers get into your network and how to defend against them.  The most important part of this class, in my opinion, was seeing the tools that attackers use, and learning how to use them.  If you have never been to a SANS class I highly recommend it.  Our instructor was John Strand who was able to be interesting but still convey the material at the same time.  That is a hard line to walk for many instructors.  Then just last week Cisco held a security summit which was two days of users getting together and talking about security issues they were seeing and how they were working to mitigate these risks.  If anyone is interested in any of this security related information I have found a few links that are good to add to your RSS reader –

There are tons of others out there, but this is a good place for anyone to start.  I am also experimenting with Metasploit – which is a security testing tool.  If you read these blogs and look at some of these tools and don’t want to disconnect the internet, read them again you will get there.  If anyone else had any good links for security blogs or sites to read link me and I can add them to my reader.


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