Leaving Kurdistan

I had all intentions of posting this yesterday but my interwebs connection would not co-operate.

I do not think that I will ever forget my experience leaving the Kurdistan airport. When we arrived at the first checkpoint in the car we were carefully looked over. We then proceeded to the next checkpoint where we exited the car and took a seat as several dogs sniffed out our vehicle while several other armed men went through the interior. After this process we went to a holding building where we had all of our luggage thoroughly searched down to the last zipper pocket. Our carry on luggage was searched as well as our pockets were emptied and we were patted down…. twice. After collecting out bags again we boarded a bus to take us to the airport. Once we arrived at the terminal we were surprise surprise searched again. Our bags went through dray and we went through a metal detector. Once through the detectors we went through another luggage search and explained what everything we were carrying was for. Since we are traveling with a smorgasbord of tools and electronic devices each one of these stops is especially fun. At this point we check our luggage and get our tickets. Now it is on to passport control. They compare the picture they took of us arriving to the picture they are taking of us leaving. Once they confirm your identity you get to go though another metal detector. This time I even had to open my chap stick and use it prove it was safe. Nobody in America should ever complain about the TSA workers. Security in America is nonexistent compared to the countries I have been in the last two weeks. After all of this we are in a holding pen awaiting the bus to take us to our plane. When the bus arrives we board and ride out the 500 yards to the plane where we must identify our luggage as it is loaded onto the plane. What an adventure. I am currently typing this on my iPhone as we fly to Jordan where we will get to go through these same hoops again as we pass inbound customs into their country. It has definitely opened my eyes to a lot the last few weeks to how good we have it in America. Now for a rest break until the next customs adventure.

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