long monday

it has been a long day even for a monday.  i could not get ayden out of the bed this morning.  jamie has to leave early so i said i would bring him to school so he could sleep an hour longer… big mistake.  he screamed and cried for 20 minutes because this momma left him and went to school without him and how was he going to get to school… and i told him daddy will take you to which he responded in 3 year old logic… but you can’t i ride to school in mommy’s car not yours.  you don’t know the way she goes.  apparently there is only 1 way to get to his school that is OCD child approved so i let him give me directions to school so i could go mommy’s way and that seemed to appeaze him.  at any rate it was pretty much the same the rest of the day.  a lot of drving around and a lot of stops to make.  the highlight of my day didn’t come until much later.  we ate dinner with some great friends and had a good time.  then i came home to battle our corporate firewall.  you know the cobbler’s kids always need shoes… our firewall needed lots of updates and config changes so i am waiting for it to reboot now so i can finish the config.  thankfully the hard part is over the software upgrades are the scariest when you are not onsite… i really did not want to drive to lenoir to physically put my hands on this thing if at all possible.  the config changes are minor and run little risk of locking myself out… but load the wrong version of ios and reboot… and she may not come back.  this guys article was super helpful and kept me from losing my relgion….


apparently you can run java 6 upate 10 with the 2 year old software on our firewall flawlessly, but if you update the firewall to the new shiny code that came out 2 weeks ago you must remove jave update 10 and roll back to update 7 and disable auto update… because java being the sneaky beast that it is will be so kind as to automatically update for you and save you the trouble and put you right back on update 10 and the path to foul language…. but i digress… the reboot is finished… config changes need to be made and fat boys need to go to sleep…. until later

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