more school board drama

the school board here in burke county (the bc as we sometimes call it) is making us out to look like a bunch of uneducated hicks, which may be true, but we do not need to advertise it people.  my wife went by central office to drop off some paperwork at 3:30 and two news channels were already there setting up their equipment.  they must be desperate for news in charlotte…  anyway i talked to two people who went to the meeting and again they are trying to stifle hearing the public outcry from their decisions stemming from raging emotions rather than logic.  i was reading the articles on today about it, and i am feeling sorry  for jon jones.  i think he is getting the short end of the stick.  he really does not have a dog in the fight but his reputation is getting drug down with the others just like he was there voting to oust mr. burleson.  at any rate i loved his quote today about it being the right of the people at the meetings  to get on the agenda, and in the course of their remarks state that the board was a bunch of idiots.  you can read that article here.  mr. jones remarks are towards the end of the article.  another interesting thing i found while scrolling through the comments section of the page mentioned that jim jacumin was trying to get the board recalled.  however, i have not been able to find anything to substantiate this, so if someone else knows anything about it please send me a link.  but a bill like that, getting results, would generate a lot of support for him in the next election.  anyway that is about it for now.  i will be excited to see what has tomorrow about the board meeting once the dust settles.

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