mr. ayden is sick

so… for the past few days ayden had been a little lethargic and complaining of not feeling great.  he has had a low grade fever and been sleeping a lot more than usual.  so we decided to take him to the doctor today.  ayden’s doctor is awesome and does a great job.  we spent a few minutes going over all of the symptoms and scenarios we have seen and the doctor looks as puzzled as us for moment and then says… i think we need to run a mono test.  i said, whatever you say you are the doctor here.  so they took a few drops of blood from his finger and 10 minutes later we get the prognosis, aydne has mono (you can click here to be popped to a wikipedia article about it.  this is crazy… how does a 3 year old get that?  so he is out of school for the rest of the week and next week too most likely.  he can’t go back until the fever is all gone.  once we are over the shock of all that the doctor asks me if i have had it… i haven’t.  my glands were a little swollen so he tested me too… so far i do not have the antibodies yet but he thinks it will be a matter of time and i will have it too.  with ayden pretty much being my clone i seem to get any sickness he has.  i was not ever sick until he was born and now we seem to mirror each other on doctor visits and diagnosese.  anyway so it looks like, and i fee like, i am well on my way to being in the same boat as ayden, but i am going to fight it as hard as i can.  the really sad thing is that there is not much that can be done for him at the moment.  lots of motrin, rest, and liquids.  he has to be out of gymnastics a month, a fact we have not broken to him yet, he was bummed enough about missing school.  he is still at the messed up age where he enjoys going to school… and hey if i got nap time, playtime, and snack time without the burden of homework or  tests  i would have never left.  i think when the testing starts is when you start wanting to get out of that place.  anyway… i feel bad for the little guy cause i know he is miserable not being the bundle of energy that he typically is.  i had some work to do this evening and he spent most of that time on my lap looking sad.  so i made sure we had time to watch some loony tunes before bedtime that always cheers him up.  the classic cartoons are the best.  that is all for now.

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