New GoPro Camera

I am loving my new GoPro camera… I ordered it on Thursday of last week and it arrived on Friday. Saturday we wanted to test it out so I stuck it to the top of Jamie’s Jeep with one of the supplied 3M sticky pads. I was kinda worried about how well the camera would stuck to the luggage rack so I also tethered it with some string. Jamie drove and I sat (we all know I don’t sit I fidgeted in the front seat) watching the GoPro out of the sunroof. We drove down a winding dirt road and then back towards civilization and even onto the interstate and it never broke free. I was pretty amazed by how well it statyed put during the trip. My biggest challenge was getting the video to upload to youtube at a decent resolution. The original video was at 1080p and it uploaded to youtube initially at 240p. I compressed it down to 720p and encoded in H.264 and I was able to get it into youtube at 480p. Not perfect but good enough to make it watchable. It is embedded below so give it a watch and let me know what you think. This weekend my goal is to get it attached to my Golf and find some curvy roads.

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