i am flustered.  we are doing a cut-over this weekend on exchange 2007 and having some freaky problems.  most of the older outlook clients are getting a message about “Microsoft Exchange offline address book” and “0x8004010F”  It is apparently related to some problem between the older exchange clients and the new version of exchange.  so far there are some oddities about this version that i really do not like.  a great tool they have had in exchange as long as i have been working with it is exmerge.  however in this new version there in only a command line tool… that so far does not work.  you can use the old version of exchange exmerge but we do not have an older copy of exchange here as this is a fresh new install going from pop mail to exchange mail.  importing all of their .pst files has been a bear.  we had to do each one individually rather than scripted.  at any rate… those are done and now all we face is getting this offline address book error to go away and get the backups of everything scheduled and working.   this is the first time i have seen it after doing several exchange 2007 installs.  i feel a call to mickeysoft coming on… 249$ to talk to a guy reading off a script, but hopefully he will have the right script to fix my problem.

insert 5 minute pause, and then:

problem solved – after much reading and shuffling around there was a quick and easy fix to the outlook address book issue without calling:

apparently you have to select the exchange store and choose the global address book for each exchange store.  creating the offline address book, updating it and marking it as the default does not set it as the default for users.  you have to go to another section detailed out in that article and mark it there too.  once that was done it started working almost instantly.  crazy inconsistencies between versions like this always seem to be a microsoft “feature”.  i do not understand why they have to change things, just to be changing them.  at any rate, it is working now thankfully.  now onto the next issue.  creating an image of the final server and setting up backups.  then we can get out of here and return tomorrow to put out any fires that may break out.

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