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I finally figured out something involving technology that I can write about, and remain employed. It isn’t that I haven’t had anything cool to talk about in the last year. The problem is, I am not allowed to talk about my job on the social medias… so there’s that. I have had all kinds of cool things to talk about over the last year it just wasn’t something that I could share with the world. My newest hobby is actually an old hobby. I have been working on video editing for my church. It is something that I have not been working on intently since I was in high school. Way back in the olden days (the late 90’s) I worked after school doing video editing. I have used iMovie and some of those tools over the years here and there, but in the last 2 months I have been in it every week editing the weekly sermon and making video bumpers for different events here at the church. Creating digital media has never been my strongest skill so it is making me stretch to work at coming up with ideas. Here is a link to the YouTube Channel we have started. Really the editing portion of it has been pretty easy chop off the front and the back and then upload it to youtube and embed it into the website. It has still been fun. I am also working on creating some new motion graphics for the bumpers on the sermons.  Here is the first one I have done. I download Motion from Apple to get me started. This is my first project I am working now on some more loops to welcome people and announce events. I will most them here as I get them worked out.

It has actually been really fun to get away from the engineering side of things and be creative. At first I was dreading it, but now it has become an outlet.  To learn about how Motion works (I am by no stretch an expert) I found some cool videos to get my started and I went from there.  Here are some of the videos I watched to get reintroduced to video editing on Macs.



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