sternum clavicle seperation (ouch)

by some miracle i have managed to partially separate my clavicle from my sternum… it does not feel good and i would not recommend it to anyone.  apparently you typically sustain this injury playing football or in a car crash… seeing as neither of these events are in my recent memory i either have some early onset dementia or i have managed to traumatize myself in some new and inventive way that puzzles the orthopedic doctor that looked at me this morning.  so after a ct scan and much poking and prodding i am on an anti-inflammatory cream and pill and lots of rest.  my left arm is in a sling so i am going to give up on the typing for a while because it hurts very much bad.  i hope everyone has a happy christmas and a merry new year or whatever winter holiday you may be celebrating…. festivus, kwanza, etc …

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