Sulymania Kurdistan

we drove back into town last night to stay in sulymania to get some supplies, go to church, and then go back to the project to work for a few more days.  it has been a busy last few days.  i have not posted anything because there is not much to say.  we get up and work until dark and then flake out till bedtime.  there is not really any tv to speak of for us to watch.  there are a lot of channels but only 4 or 5 in english and they are all news networks. i have heard more than enough about the health care drama.  my mind was made up about it before the whole mess started and i think most other folks knew what they thought about it.  like it or hate it we are currently stuck with it.  i am just sick of hearing about it at the moment.  they are many worse problems facing the world right now and those things seem to get swept under the rug while we worry about arguments between politicians about which side is more crooked.  in my opinion they are all only looking out for themselves.  i hate that i have come to that point, but after seeing all of the mess, even on a small local scale the last two years in my small area of the world i have lost faith in all of them.  i would love to see a candidate that i could really feel good about.  someone that was really selfless and really devoted to making things better not just paying back the people that got him to where he wanted to get.  so many of these professional politicians use up all of their political capital getting favors re-payed that by the time that is done it is time for someone else to take their seat and start scratching backs.  i do not propose to have the answer to the problems that plague politics in america so i guess i don’t have much right to complain.  with this being my first trip to a non-resort area outside of the us it has really put into prospective what is important.  we are a spoiled society and spend so much time bickering amongst ourselves over frivolous issues.  the rest of the world would love to have this luxury that we abuse.  they do not have it because they are much more worried about important matters such as ensuring they have something to eat or that they are safe and protected.  i did not mean to get off on a rant, that was not my purpose when i started this post, i guess that was just what was on my mind this morning and i feel a lot better now after saying it.  i got online to check up on facebook and read some news but the more news i read, the more saddened i was by it.  i hope we can wake up in america and see what is really important and find leaders who have the greater good in sight.  we should complain less (me included) and be more content with what we have.  anyway, it is time to head out for some supplies and get back at it.

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