super bowl xliii = steelers

this has been one of the best super bowls in recent memory.  both teams played extremely well.  most of these games are not as close as this one.  i have long been a steelers fan but on some levels i also wanted to see the cardinals win it.  i love it when the come down to the wire like this, but when you are really rooting for both teams it makes it a double nail biter.  when it comes down to the last play and the last few seconds it is unbelievable.  anyway, i never gave arizona a chance in this game so i was really surprised.  they really stepped up their game to give the steelers one for the ages.  i hope everyone else out there enjoyed it as much as i did.  the commercials were pretty good too, nothing out of this world, but better than last year.  i just remember the commercials being so much better when i was a kid or maybe nostalgia is just kicking in… i am getting old.  at any rate, it is time to get to bed and get ready for a long day tomorrow.

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