@TannerFoust is my hero

I watch too much television, really I do, and I love it.  There are lots of times I can’t sleep or wake up early and the TV is there to entertain me.  One the things that my little guy and I both love is anything cars related.  Recently, within the last year or so, we have taken to watching Top Gear on the BBC.  Netflix has picked up all of the older shows and we started watching them from the 2003 season which was season 2.

This past year the History channel picked up an Americanized version of the show and one of the hosts was Tanner Foust.  I knew he was awesome from seeing his rally abilities on X-Games and seeing his stunts in movies.  Over the weekend he set a world record jumping a truck 332 feet at the Indy Race and it was pure awesome.  I am linking to the video below…. partake and enjoy, it is amazing.


you can follow Tanner on twitter here @TannerFoust

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