the aol saga continues

aol support still claims to not be blocking any ip addresses.  however after testing from many sites i have lots of places where they block the traffic.  i have seen places all over the web where other people are having the same problem.  so i ended up using a domain i pay for to route the email… so far so good.  i just hate the circles they make you run around in.  at any rate i will continue on with their awful support until they reach some kind of a conclusion.  on a good note we had a good meeting today with one of my favorite customers.  we (rob and i) drove down to whiteville and met with the guys down there… they are a hoot.  it is always a good time i just hate that it takes four hours to get here.  tomorrow i am doing some tweaking on a blade center install down here in goldsboro.  we are staying the night down here and traveling back tomorrow hopefully by lunch or shortly thereafter as rob and i both have commitments to get back to back on our end of the state.  i am writing this now as i wait for a server in hickory to reboot after some software patches and windows updates that had to be done.  this new internet explorer exploit looks nasty.  how do they keep writing code that is so full of holes, i just don’t understand.  i hear about browser exploits all the time but mickeysoft seems to have the market cornered on ones that can take over your pc.  when they have a remote code execution problem it is always a serious one.  i guess it all stems from having windows and ie too integrated… wait didn’t they loose a lawsuit over that?

there is the link to the article… basic overview… ie5 – ie7 is affected on all versions of windows.  they are not releasing patches for 95, 98, or me.  of course if you are running any of those version i am sure you are already infected with a virus… those operating systems are magnets for viri.  anyway if you have not yet download the above patch… and then go download firefox or google chrome.  they are a much safer way to travel the interwebs.

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