The things people say…

Over the last week or two I have heard the same cliche used over and over again. It is starting to get to me. So I figured I would tell the Interwebs about it and then I would feel better.

The over used phrase is “That’s how we have always done it”. People tend to use this as a rational excuse to avoid change. What people seem to be misunderstanding is that just because something has been done over and over again for years it does not indicate that it a sound practice. It just makes this practice a tradition. If we just keep doing everything the way we always have throughout history we would still be driving around in horse drawn carriages and making fire with rocks to cook. Thinking like this is nothing but a barrier to innovation.

The fact that grown people constantly confuse traditions with fear of change amazes me. I think once you start using that phrase to justify your actions you are officially done with personal growth. Or, Maybe I just don’t understand. Only time will tell, I might start using it next week. It would serve us all well to be less afraid of change and slower to strike down the innovations of others. I have always heard it said “nobody likes change but a wet baby” but I think we could all learn from bring little more flexible.

See I am feeling better already. Thanks to the magic of the Interwebs I can get some rest now to be ready for Friday. Then on Saturday I am off to the mideast for sun, sand, and adventure… Just no water, so surfing is probably out… Happy Friday y’all.

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