tool of the day

i have been meaning to get here all week and post about a cool tool that i am using a lot, but i am a worthless blogger.  the coolest new thing i have been playing with is dropbox.

several of us have set it up and starting using this to share files and information.  i am also using it with folders i have created just for me to keep track of time tracking paper work and other things that i need to update often but do not think about updating when i am in front of my work laptop.  so by putting all of these forms in my dropbox i can get to them form any of my laptops or my desktop.  it even works on my mac.  another great feature is that you can upload or download files from the web interface.

just last week i had to get 50 megs of logs from a customer site to my computer.  instead of trying to send them to my ftp site i uploaded them once and they were on my desktop when i get home so i could look over the logs and send the ones that really needed to go onto the vendor.  they give you 2gb for free, but you can get more by inviting your friend or by purchasing more space.  it is only 99$ a year for 50gb and with the sync from machine to machine it is really not a backup per-say, as much as it is a file sync utility.

at any rate, everyone should download it and give it a go.

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