vlans on blade chassis

installing vmware on the ibm blade center is fairly easy… adding vlans to the mix is not fun.  this week i have been working on installing this particular blade center into an existing network with the plan of migrating their current 15 servers or so into a vm environment to preserve their current configuration while at the same time uplifting the hardware.  noone wants to reload 15 servers but if we can move them and increase the power at the same time… the benefits are clear.  however the servers at this location lie on two different subnets.  they had vlans implemented we just needed to get vmware to speak the same language.  we were having a lot of difficulty until it hits me that the switches inside of the blade center also need to be aware of the vlans for them to pass.  the ibm server connectivity modules are fairly simple devices so we initially overlooked having to also have the vlans configured here.  after some head scratching we figured this out.  a note to anyone else out there trying this, you have to add a vlan and click “apply” other wise it will not affect the current config, after clicking apply also click save to write this to the “start-up” config.  do this for each vlan you want to include in the trunks from your switch to your vmware.  i did not find this documented anywhere.  for some reason everyone seems overly secretive of their vmware network config. best practices.  it is hard to find any good how-to documentation on the subject.  i think if i ever get a chance to make some that i will post it, if nothing else to remind me when i forget.  when you do not install these type systems every week it is easy to forget how something was put together.  the more large projects i do the more value i put into documentation.  i spend a lot of time in visio documenting everything i do for any project that takes over 2 or 3 hours.  i think in the long run it benefits everyone.

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