WooHoo It’s Friday!

I had planned a big end of the year post and I had started it about 3 or 4 times, saved the draft, returned to it only to delete the whole thing and start over again.  It was impossible to find the right balance needed to express last year in words.  I felt like I was rewriting the tale of two cities, it was the best of years, it was the worst of years.  Just like any year there were some really great parts to 2010 and some parts of it that could not have been much worse.

My wife had a ton of medical issues last year that kept us both stressed out and worried for her health and safety for a large part of the year.  Thankfully all of that is behind us and she is doing great.  Also, I stared a new / old job last year that I love.  I went back to working for Samaritan’s Purse, whom I had previously worked for, and cannot remember a happier time in my work career.  By the end of 2010 everything was looking up, but the first part of the year was the roughest in memory, hence the dichotomy of the post I tried over and over again to complete.

Now 2011 is into full swing and it is starting off much better than last year, and to top it off it is Friday and I get to leave work a little early.  Nothing starts off the weekend better than an early start.  I received a link this morning from my dear friend Merissa and had to share it here this morning.  It improved my already cheerful Friday morning.  Just in case anyone out there had not noticed… I am a nerd and all things related to nerddom delight me.  Here is a video of a kid playing all of the songs on a piano that children of the 80’s will remember from Super Mario Brothers. Just try and get these tunes out of your head after listening to them… Happy Friday everyone.

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