Wookieboy’s Twittering for 2010-08-26

  • Checking in at the airport. Almost ready to go. (@ Aeropuerto de villahermosa) http://4sq.com/4MKcUv #
  • I am understanding the sense of bewilderment visitors to our country must feel when trying to do something as simple as order dinner. #
  • Boarding the plane for Houston. #
  • Back on the ground in the good ole US of A. A short stop here for customs and then off to NC! http://4sq.com/5Dr3wn #
  • I have got a hole in my suitcase you could drive a truck through.. or loose two pairs of pants through. Gotta file a claim when I get to Clt #
  • Safely on the ground in Charlotte. Now to find my bag and file my damage claim. Wonder how long that will take. http://4sq.com/1xe40b #
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