Wookieboy’s Twittering for 2011-08-17

  • ? (@ Coosawhatchie, SC) http://t.co/XyiQDcb #
  • Picking up Ayden's new peepers on the way home. (@ Sears) http://t.co/lsepwUk #
  • Ayden's new specs. Doesn't he look smart. http://t.co/jfFpIKe #
  • I am feeling a run to the Angus for a cheeseburger tonight. Who's with me? #
  • The Angus got a credit card machine! I even stopped and got cash… (@ The Angus) http://t.co/gjhQrJZ #
  • Glad to be home from our mini vacation also glad to have the next two days off to recovery and run a million errands. #tomuchtodo #
  • And I cant type… #
  • Deion #primetime Sanders is a fairy. No really I saw the commercials for Directv. Too funny. #
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