Wookieboy’s Twitters for 2009-04-02

  • it is 5 till midnight and microsoft has still not called me back.. 2 hour or less wait… yeah right. we are now at 5 and a half hours wait #
  • the duty manager called from microsoft and told me it is going to be 4 more hours… do they only have 2 techs in india? it has been 6 hrs! #
  • it is 1:45am and microsoft finally calls back. #
  • well… the problem has been solved… it was a service that started before another service. made one dependent, problem solved #
  • fixing wga problems with windows xp workstations #
  • without windows updates i don’t know that i would have a job… they break more than they fix. #
  • picked up mr ayden and now we are headed to “nastics” #
  • three hours sleep is not enough. i am dead tired but i still have more to do… what fun. #
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