Wookieboy’s Twitters for 2009-05-04

  • heading to morganton to visit customers and then go to the school board meeting. #
  • you should see the cars at patton high school. the parking lot at liberty is already full too. #
  • and now it is raining and i have hike to make still to get to the building. #
  • i am in the gym. it is hard to hear from in here. the crowd is so loud it drowns out the speakers. #
  • tracy is telling everyone to hold their applause… she has a better chance of holding her breath #
  • a guy that just spoke found something positive to say about the board. they have united burke county like he has never seen in 20 yrs. here #
  • the crowd is on their feet in all three locations. this is great. i can’t believe this crowd. there is no one here supporting the board. #
  • it must be lonely up there at the table. the fab 4 do not look excited to be here. they are just watching the clock. #
  • i am amazed at the number of teachers here. tracey can’t get them all fired… #
  • everyone seems to be singing from the same song book. vote to put mr. burleson back where you found him and then leave town… quickly. #
  • i am very happy to see this turnout but i fear that the pleas of our citizens are falling on deaf ears. #
  • there are a lot of people leaving. i wonder if they have seen as i have that the fab 4 are not listening. they all look checked out. #
  • i hate that david barnard missed all of this excitement. #
  • rob hairfield should have brought a saddle… he is gonna be sore tomorrow. #
  • the students are some of the best speakers here tonight. they are really speaking from their hearts. #
  • i am still waiting for someone to speak on behalf of what a great job the fab 4 have been doing… still waiting… #
  • ron lesale (sp) is fired up. and i like it. #
  • tracey is pretending to take notes on what is being said… she is really writing… there’s no place like home… over and over again #
  • i can’t believe it took until now for someone to break out the word fornication… #
  • my buddy dave wonders when they are going to pass the hat or collection plates at this church service. when do we get to start singing? #
  • steve martinat is laying it down. he is not scared in the least of the board’s retribution. bring it steve… #
  • i bet nobody is at the city council meeting tonight. the city could do anything it wants tonight 🙂 #
  • well. i dont think anything new is gonna be said. i am checking out for some chik fil a. #
  • the chik fil a is packed with refugees from the meeting. enola road is moving slowly. i guess most people are heading home. #
  • saw channel nine’s van pulled over on the interstate. must have been doing the uplink to get the footage up before the 11 o’clock news. #
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