Wookieboy’s Twitters for 2009-06-11

  • wow. it is early and already this day is rolling downhill fast. charter modem took a surge over the cable line and killed the firewall.. #
  • lunchtime… after this morning i need a little downtime. #
  • i am feeling bad that the ebhs grads have to graduate indoors. that is no fun. #
  • well we are here and seated for the graduation… and we wait.. and discuss whether or not the school board will show. my bet is no. #
  • t-minus 1 hour and counting… #
  • sam wilkinson is here and in his reserved seat. hopefully buddy will show as well. #
  • and now buddy is here. both he and sam entered to a round of applause. #
  • the band is warm and everyone else is sweating. it is time to get this started. #
  • my bumm is numb #
  • we are almsot at the halfway point in the name callling. #
  • it’s over. now comes the traffic. #
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