wordpress is powerful

i say that in the tittle… but i am constantly amazed by the plug-ins and tools available for wordpress.  i added some new plug-ins tonight just to play with them.  i am trying to get one to work that will display random images from my picasaweb.  my neighbor wanted to start a site for his local music blog and that got me digging around for themes and plug-ins to make his site different and keep people coming back, and i found some cool new tools for me to play with.  i just with i had the will power to make myself write at least something every day.

recently i have been slammed at work, which is a great thing, but it leaves me mentally exhausted at the end of the day and the last thing i want to do it look at a computer after ten or more hours out there looking at everyone else’s.  today was a good day, i got a ton done and got to spend some time with some good customers.  it always a blessing to have great folks to work with.  i fought a nasty virus today… and it won.  i ended up having to just reload the workstation.  after getting over my wounded pride i did a restore to factory defaults and got it backup and running.  it was a nasty virus that was being called:  Trojan.win32.TDSS.aegg. this one is particualry nasty and should be avoided at all costs.  i think there was some other corruption on the machine prior to getting this nasty bug.  even in safe mode i could not load malware bytes or spybot.  i do not want to give the virus too much credit and claim it was blocking them from loading, but something was keeping them from running.  in the end i booted up with my trusty bartspe disk and saved all of his data to my usb disk and reloaded.  i think in the end that this ended up saving the customer time…

my plan is to go through my commonly used programs folder and start talking about one each day.  i have found recently that talking about the tools i am using is something my customers seem to find useful and maybe the 5 of you (counting my mom) that read this blog might make some use of it as well.

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