wordpress upgrade

i upgraded my wordpress to 2.7 tonight it was not too bad.  it was a lot of move this and rename this and change that.  i did it a little differently from the “suggested” path but i wanted to have everything backed up incase it went south.  but surprisingly (i do a lot of software upgrades) it went just as the docuementation said that it would.  so far i have been very impressed with wordpress and it’s workings.  i created this blog as a test to see how it works, and so far i am liking it and trying to keep it updated as a means of self expression, stress relief, and all that mushy gooshy stuff 🙂

today was pretty crazy.  i have some kind of sinus deal going on that is driving me crazy.  i restored to taking some medicine for it tonight and i am already paying for it.  i took some sudafed earlier and while i should be starting to get sleepy now… i am not…  i am feeling jittery and i am typing about 100 words a minute.  i was all over the place today working on all kinds of projects.  it started with a new brand of mail server, went onward to a work on a tape library, and then to clean off the dreaded antivirus 2009 bug.  that is about the worst one i have seen in quite some time.

this particular adventure with antivirus 2009 was not too bad.  at that customer site i had configured their dns servers to point to opendns.org’s dns servers.  i have been switching people to them all over the place.  if you are not currenly using them, you should be.  the dns servers to use are and what i do on customer networks is go to their dns servers inside their network and set their forwarders to these servers, then when their server can’t answer the dns resolution query it goes to one of these servers and gets the address.  this is all pretty standard except that this company does thier best to block spyware and viri at the dns level.  you can create a free account and add in your ip address and filter your internet to block any kind of content you don’t want your users, or kids to see (parents this is where you would be blocking the pron).  it works great and i am using it from home to customer sites and even have my laptop using them even when i travel just to prevent myself from being dns spoofed.  it is very slick and invisible to your users… family… etc…

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