working on saturday

i do not like working on saturday… but who does?  baker and i are moving 3700 exchange mailboxes today for a school system.  so far out experience is that exchange 2007 is a pain.  we miss the ease of config that existed with server 2003 and exchange 2003.  with 2007 and an organization of this size you need several servers.  we installed 2 in a cluster to provide fault tolerance for the exchange mailbox databases and then another server as the hub transport server and finally a fourth server as the client access server.  the client access server is well… the ones the clients user for access.  they connect to it with their outlook clients and with their pop client and with outlook web access, which surprisingly looks much like the 2003 version.  it is different enough where you notice it has changed somewhat but it is not the drastic difference you noticed from exchange 2000 – 2003.  the hub transport server just moves mail around.  it is kinda like a waitress in a restaurant.  an interface between the customers and the kitchen.  customers make a request she goes and gets it from the kitchen and so on and so forth.. everyone here has been out to eat before.  finally there is the cluster for the mailbox server.  it pretty much just sits there and serves mailboxes.  we have it attached to a snazzy san and configured to fail-over, which it does very well.  i just don’t know if it is all worth it… getting all of those boxes to talk and exchange information is a bear.  they don’t want to talk and services don’t want to start and so on and so forth and you have to get hotfixes to allow this and hotfixes to allow that… what it comes down to is that exchange 2007 is not quite ready for prime time… in my opinion.  here we are 25 days from 2009 and exchange 2007 (you do the math) has got some serious issues.  more than what i have seen with the 2003 editions.  i also think the fact that we are running it on server 2008 is compounding our problems.  server 2008 looks like vista and with that comes the inherit problem of knowing where to find anything, and rather than installing or removing software we are going to configure roles and features…  i am of the school that thinks “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and i think mickeysoft ( i mean microsoft) is of the school that thinks “if it ain’t broke, it soon will be”  anyway i think we have our issues hammered out.  we are starting to mailbox migration now.  i will be old and gray when it finishes… it takes a long time to move 70+ gigabytes of email from one old slow server into the new “collective”… all must be assimilated…

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