wow… my blog is still here

i am a worthless blogger i could never make a career out of this.  i get to busy living life to write about it.  anyway life has been crazy busy.  in just the last 30 days i have worked a ton, spend a week in las vegas, seen a first rate band in my little town, and spent a lot of time with family.

we were out really late last night with my grandad he is battling with congestive heart failure.  it is really hard to see him go through all of this, even if part of it is his own fault for not taking the best care of himself.  i don’t know what i would do without him.  at any rate he is doing some better he got to come home today and he goes back for a checkup friday at the va center in asheville.

work has really started to pick up.  i tool seven days off of work in july for vacation and still had the busiest month of my year thu far, so that is a big plus.  i am much happier when i am busy.  hopefully the worst of the sour economy is over.  many of my customers have started to revert back to their prior spending habits and that makes me happy since it keeps me busy.  if i am not busy i will get into trouble.

anyway my ftp transfer just finished so i am going to get some rest because i am way behind after being up all night last night with my grandad.

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